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I saw Coldplay. Live. It was life-changing. Everything played was incredible.

Lovers in Japan was the most amazing part of that night. Along with every other song.


I wanna go back.

I love my free live album too they handed out. Now I have 2 copies.

summer please.

I think I am going to die when summer gets here. Can we just bypass finals?
Anyways, I’ve decided my math teacher is a fraud or fake. Lorrin knows. I’m pretty sure she ran the scan trons wrong when 17/23 people failed the final- its like this everytime. I made an 83 though. I still think that’s wrong.

I can’t wait for summer. the heat. swimming at rachels almost everyday. being ridiculously tan, oh wait…., playing on so many tennis teams its scary, and Europe. I’m 3/3 for the last 3 summers on London. It will never get old, however I do plan on seeing 3 new places this summer. Both Noelle and I are going to conquer Switzerland, Venice, Amsterdam, and Ireland -very quickly I might add.

I want to buy my new pet, fishessssssssss and a somethin.

I need to start packing my stuff, and decide what is living with me this summer. Hello WoW.

I miss track. I want to run. I should’ve done that or tennis in college. fffuuuuuu. or swimming. dumb. I need to start taking advantage of being good at stuff.

Hey, its Thursday so yet again another tumblr post, and i’m not even in nutrition yet. I just got done arguing with me math teacher.

ignore retarded writing. ktnk

check these guys out. I miss 2000

and this.


I liked this weekend. a lot. Suwanas, I mean… Jutamas (lame), was so amazing, especially that i enjoyed it with two awesome people. They know who they are :) Followed by that, I just relaxed here and there. Spent times with my grandparents and back with those cool kids. It was so nice having a change, why didn’t I do this earlier? Well, you live and learn and I know the fall having them will be an extra boost in my life. I need that. No doubt. I love the quotes from that night, amazing. So I then got to play some tennis with a good local team in Hattiesburg, it made me day by winning. Now, I look forward to summer and fall, minus the absense of Disney World. Dumb. I will be in my second home though, so its ok.

I just realized I’m realy tired and I shall vist the night. Peace.

Zinc can retard growth.

True story, zinc can retard growth. my nutrition teacher said so…..

Did you know, the absense of breakfast increases absenses?

I like learning about pointless things during class. Also, her cell phone will not stop ringing, yet I do not understand why she can’t just put it on silent? Who knows, only Will does though! Blessings!! I’m really good at rambling, but what I am going to write about is - The apartment. Yes, I can not wait any longer. I can’t wait for my own room, own bed thats larger, and just more comfort. Plus,  I can cook tasty foods. I can’t wait for my numerous ammounts of vegetables and herbs to grow faster so I can employ them. However, I am not sure how I can use Chocolate Mint. I’m not making my own ice cream, plus it will have green bits in it. Odd.

I’m really hungry, which means I am off to eat with my grandparents for lunch! Go figure! but hey, no one else I know drives their grandparents places, and my reward is lunch. Woo! House salad from crescent city. Sweet tea? yes. but it always sucks at cresent city, will not always, but just like 70% of the time. Is it that hard? No. Oh well I still like the food.

Blessings, I am getting an extra credit thing. Will you aren’t here. You lost!

Peace :)

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